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Carol Cobillard — Adolescent sexuality and religious direction


Links to articles and documents cited in my essays
(provisional list)


“My First Time: An Oral Sex Primer (113-page PDF book; Adobe Acrobat Reader needed)
A primer for adolescents on oral sex; what it means, how to get started, how to seduce and be seduced; what to do at ejaculation; how to share orgasm. On faith and abstinence; on sex and sensuousness as religion and devotion.

The Lancet: “HIV/AIDS: sex, abstinence, and behaviour change”

Study Casts Doubt on Abstinence-Only Programs

The Determinants of First Sex by Age 14 in a High-Risk Adolescent Population
(PDF) Guttmacher Institute

Forced to Marry Before Puberty, African Girls Pay Lasting Price

United States v. Battista, 646 F.2d 237 (6th Cir. 1981)

Birds Do It. Bees Do It. People Seek the Keys to It.

It’s Time for the Truth, When Body Clock Strikes 13

Virginity Discourse in the AIDS Era: A Case Analysis of Sexual Initiation Aftershock

Casual sex is a con: women just aren't like men

Delicate choice just got tougher
Circumcision may protect against HIV infection, new studies suggest. But more parents are forgoing the surgery.

Religion and the law, A brewing storm
An increasingly nasty battle between a strict polygamous sect and the state

Contraceptive injections at age 13

Murder and Suicide Reviving Claims of Child Abuse in Cult

Gender and Ethnic Differences in the Timing of First Sexual Intercourse
Guttmacher Institute

Sex Ed for the Stroller Set

The Exotic Erotic Ball Turns Turns 20 at the Cow Palace October 28
The Spectator

Charge: Father, daughter married

Gary Glitter could face a firing squad
The disgraced star faces death or years in jail if he is convicted of rape

Sunday Times Magazine (UK): “The Truth About Gymslip Mothers”

The Independent: “Herpes drives epidemic of sexual diseases hits 10-year high ”

Horse sex story was online hit

Man enters plea in horse-sex case

Pas de Deux of Sexuality Is Written in the Genes

Virgin Territory: U.S. Women Seek A Second First Time

Is Teen Sex Bad?
Americans and Western Europeans Don’t Agree on What’s Normal and Acceptable. But Many Health Experts Do

A Little Privacy, Please: Should We Punish Parents For Teenage Sex?

Your Kinky Kids: Parents Clueless About Sex Lives

The Lancet: “Loaded, but no place to go”

Our son, a malicious girl and rape that never was

Middle School Girls Gone Wild

La sexualité des handicapés sort difficilement de la clandestinité

In re: Discipline of Kenneth L. Hall (PDF)
Lawyer suspended for having sex in his office in front of children

'The new kissing': Teen-sex survey revealing

A History of Sex With Students, Unchallenged

The Lancet: “Limits on oral transmission of HIV-1”

Our Vaginas, Ourselves

UCSF explores teens’ post-sex emotions

Precocious puberty,
from Gould & Pyle, Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine (1896)

Preschool Puberty, and a Search for the Causes

Latinas Make Sweet 16-ish Their Own (Quinceañera)

New York Times: “Are These [Rainbow] Parties for Real?”

Russian surgeons ‘grow’ penis on man’s forearm

Humbolt University: See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me (guide to performing cunnilingus)

Women Have Seen It All on Subway, Unwillingly

Parents Must Be Present at Nudist Camp for Youths

Washington Post: “Teen Sex Rates Stop Falling, Data Show”

Illinois v. T.W., 291 Ill.App.3d 955, 685 N.E.2d 631

Through His Webcam, a Boy Joins a Sordid Online World

Wilson v. Georgia, 279 Ga. App. 459; 631 S.E.2d 391 (2006)



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